Engineering Services:

VLSI Architectures

With our vast experience in VLSI architectures for a plethora of applications, we help our customers in the design and transfer to production of most efficient VLSI architectures, optimizing the density, power consumption, testability and manufacturability to world-class levels, in the following fields:

Image Sensors
This unique VLSI field requires multidisciplinary knowledge bank, in the areas of Optics, device Physics, VLSI circuit design, VLSI layout, analog and digital image processing, as well as tight power control and fast low-noise interfaces. With an accumulated 7 years of experience in this field, we provide our customers with high image quality, low power and low cost image sensor designs.

We provide DSP designs and consulting services, including VLIW and CLIW, optimized DSP structures for wired and wireless applications. We specialize in tailoring the DSP to the task at hand, yielding lowest power consumption and smallest silicon area.

Wireless Communication
Baseband processors for mobile communication require very high computation load, with extremely low power consumption. Our experience includes the detailed design of a minimum power consumption wideband CDMA baseband chip. In addition, we specialize in MIMO and OFDM architectures, both VLSI and FPGA based.

Our portfolio includes expertise in Flash memories, including several inventions in the NOR-Flash area, as well as patents in DRAM and SRAM. Excluding Device, we cover all areas of semiconductor memory design, from architecture to circuit and interface.

Content Addressable Memory (CAM)
Our experience includes design and implementation of binary and ternary; SRAM-based, DRAM-based or FLASH-based CAM structures, including several patents in this area.


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